Sports/Therapeutic Massage

These Massage techniques are deeper form of soft tissue release aiming to decrease muscular pain, improves circulation, muscle tone, function and performance. It reduces the risk of injury and speeds up the recovery in rehabilitation. It eases the “knots” which are formed due to muscle imbalance.

It reduces the pain by stimulating brain and its associated structures to produce naturally relieving pain chemicals like endorphin. It also stimulates few other chemicals like melatonin (promoting sleep) and serotonin (improves well-being). These chemicals stimulate healing process and ease the intensity of pain which helps physiotherapists to employ other manual techniques to promote holistic health.

It helps all types of sports person from recreational to competitive nature, people from all walks of life (active or sedentary nature of work), D-I-Y fans, gardeners, and busy housewives. The sessions can lasts from 30-45 minutes according to the requirements. The sessions will involve brief assessment and treatment. We may also advice on stretching and strengthening exercises if appropriate to work in conjunction with treatment.

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