Welcome to Physiosense Ltd

Specialist Physiotherapy Clinic for Neuromusculoskeletal disorders committed to Quality Care & Improving Holistic health.

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Welcome to Physiosense

With a strong commitment to high quality care and professional expertise, Physiosense can offer sensible approach to improve your holistic health.With more than ten years of international physiotherapy experience, our physiotherapist can provide thorough assessment after listening to your problems. We will work with you to set goals and develop an effective treatment plan taking into account of your lifestyle, general health, leisure activities and expectations. It will include advice on posture, ergonomics, and life style modifications, self-help strategies to prevent and reduce the risk of recurrence of symptoms.

About Us

  • Our Physiotherapist is regulated by Health Professions Council (HPC) and he is a member of Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP)
  • Physiosense is striving to improve professional expertise regularly through regular post- graduate training and clinical education
  • Affordable private healthcare with aim to achieve highest quality of care, customer service for all patients
  • Combined professional and personal approach by taking time to listen to your problems and concerns

Our Treatments

Physiotherapy is effective both clinically and cost-wise in the management and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders (CSP Publications, 2011). Physiotherapists can advise you on the best way to treat any problems you might have with your muscles, bones and joints, circulatory, respiratory or nervous system.

At Physiosense, we provide appropriate treatment using the core skills of physiotherapy and other complimentary therapies to treat neuro musculoskeletal system.


At Physiosense, Acupuncture is a complementary skill applied alongside physiotherapy with aim of an integrated approach to decrease pain and inflammation. It is the use of fine needles inserted into specific points(meridian) on the body.

Sports/Therapeutic Massage

These Massage techniques are deeper form of soft tissue release aiming to decrease muscular pain, improves circulation, muscle tone, function and performance. It reduces the risk of injury and speeds up the recovery in rehabilitation. It eases the “knots” which are formed due to muscle imbalance.

Neuro Physiotherapy

Physiosense can provide assessment and treatment for adult neurological conditions like Stroke, Multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease. This service is mainly offered as a home visit.